Thursday, August 21, 2008

UPM Shindig

Last night a few of us sister missionaries from the Utah Provo Mission (UPM) and who now all coincidently live here (or are visiting for the week) got together to chat, catch up, dip chocolate fondue, and just be silly. One of my favorite parts about serving in a visitor center was meeting sisters from around the globe- especially the Japanese!

They never cease to make me laugh...

Left to Right: Sugi (Osaka) S. Izaki (Tokyo) Kelly Sawyer (Sacramento) S. Makise (Osaka) Sorry we didn't get you in this photo Miriam (from Florida)!

1 comment:

John Harper said...

Did you cut your hair- it kinda looks like you did in the pic. If so, I think it is very cute, but shame on you for note blogging about such a newsworthy event!