Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Road Trip to AZ

Friday pm: After 9 hours in the car, a stop to eat lunch at the scenic view of Lake Powell - and being pulled over for speeding (Brant's 1st ever ticket) we arrived at Brant's Grandma and Grandpa Harrison's in Payson, AZ.

Saturday am: We piled into the car for a outting that Grandma Harrison had planned for the morning... a trip to Roosevelt to visit the nearby Ancient Cliff Dwellings & Indian Ruins.

On the drive out to the national park to see the ruins. How beautiful is that lake??

Grandma and Grandpa Harrison stayed down at the visitor center while we hiked the mile and a half up the trail to see what all the hoop-la was about.

And found a 32 room Indian ruin at the top! I'm sure glad that wasn't me living back in those days on the side of a cliff. They had to hike miles just to bring water back up. After about 20 minutes and some conversation with the park rangers, we headed back down the trail.

Don't pet the cactus!

Saturday pm - Grandma Harrison made an amazing meal of roast and mashed potatoes. Afterwards Brant and I headed out for a drive around the booming metropolis of Payson, AZ. After passing the small airport that back in the day Pops used to fly the fam into to see the grandparents, we passed through this nearby neighborhood.... what a sight!

My sister once told me about these kinds of neighborhoods- where people fly into the small local airport, and then taxi back home and park their private planes in their garage at home!

These people must be some serious high rollers- they've got a plane, a golfcart, AND a mini semi truck/ trailer home in their garage hanger.

And of course, airplanes for mailboxes.

The stop and street signs are even lower to the ground so that the wings of the planes don't clip the signs when they taxi through.

After our tour of Payson, we headed back and had some fun conversation with Grandma Harrison.

My two favorites:

Brant: I'm growing another garden this year, but I'm kind of worried about the varmits (sp?)

Grandma H: Oh yes- we have problems with squirrels with our garden. I stand here at the kitchen window and take care of that.

Brant: What?? You shoot them? With what?

Grandma H (proudly): With my 22 riffle - right here from the kitchen sink!

(Whaaaaaat? Where was I to get a picture of that??)

But the funniest...(after being back home from the hike to the Indian ruins)

Grandma H: I saw a young couple heading up that trail with a baby in the stroller. They didn't have any sun protection for the baby and the only thing they had on was thongs!

Brant (with a disturbed look on his face): Oh wow, Grandma- I'm sorry you had to see that. Some people these days!

Kristen: Uh, Grandma Harrison- are you talking about flip-flops?

HAHAHA!!! I've never seen a Grandma laugh so hard!

Sunday am- stake conference, Grandma Harrison's Enchiladas, then time to hit the road for the trip back to Orem.

Thanks for a fun trip (and excellent food!) Grandma and Grandpa Harrison!


Leighanna, Reid and William said...

My grandparents live in Payson, AZ. Wonder if they know Brant's GPs... Sometime ask him to ask them if they know any Savages.

Kyle and Amanda said...

I agree with Grandma- I can't believe how many people going around wearing thongs all the time. It looks like you had a really fun trip. Did the next Harrison family reunion get planned? And we totally understand about the whole ticket thing. We have gotten to the point where we won't drive down to Texas anymore because we don't enough money to pay for the tickets we get- or to be more correct, that Kyle gets.

Alyssa said...
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B and K said...

Try this link, Alyssa

Nancy H said...

I'm sure Brant's Grandma and Grandpa know the Savage's...or visa-versa. They've been there since dirt!!!

The Caldwell's said...

Arizona looks so beautiful! What a fun trip. Grandma's really cute, I can't believe she shoots the squrrels! At least she doesn't eat them right? We have few people in our ward who goes hunting for it...

Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

I love Arizona!! So beautiful!! Looks like you had a ton of fun in Payson!