Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Tuesday Tip

Last week while during lunch with a friend, the topic of how to respond to nosy/inapporpriate questions came up.

A few Emily Post retorts to these questions:

How much money do you make?

"Not enough to buy the house that's going up down the road."

"My mother told me never to discuss money, except with my accountant."

How much did you pay for that suit?

"Why, does it look expensive?"

Are you feeling okay? You look tired.

"Actually, I feel great!"

What are you two talking about?

"Nothing to write home about."

Response Rescues

Use humor - make a light joke out of the question

Tell it like it is - "I'd rather not say" or "I'm not comfortable answering that question."

Back atcha - When all else fails, turn the tables with "Why do you ask?"

1 comment:

Val said...

Excellent post!
I am totally awkward when someone asks about something that is really personal...sometimes I answer the question and then later agonize over it. Thank you for posting this.