Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend 5K Highlight

Brant and I have decided that running 5K's is our new favorite thing to do together. On Saturday we ran the Rex Lee Memorial 5K around BYU campus. This course was a little more tough because of all the inclines around campus- we only shaved about 3 minutes off from last weekend.

Not sure where Scooby came out from on BYU campus, but got a pic with him anyways...It was just a little (a lot!) chilly that morning.

Next up - Provo City 5K on April 4th!


Dene said...

That's me in the scooby costume! Okay maybe not. I think it's cool you guys like to run 5K's together

Laci said...

That was pretty fun! But seriously the coldest I have ever been running! It will be fun to see you guys at all the 5ks! Plus... triathlon here we come!

Linsey said...

You guys are animals! Have you heard of the Wasatch Back? You should run it!