Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Tuesday Tip

Disclaimer: This isn't from Emily Post or an online article, but purely my opinion and may or may not be helpful. Or maybe I'm just slow and you've already thought of it!

Last night we headed to Outback Steakhouse- to spend a gift card that's been burning in our pockets since it was given to us last Christmas. As we were sitting there, I realized a very simple, very objective way to determine the tip for your server (our server last night was- at best- mediocre). Before, I generally used to just always tip 20% (having been a server in a steak resturant one summer, I know I always appreciated it when people did that). But lets be honest. There is some terrible service out there.

If you figure that in general, people tip 15% at restuarants, and then 20% for excellent service, I figure that a way to determine 'excellent service' is by allotting the server the full 20% tip when you first sit down at the table. As the meal progresses, for every detail missed by the server (i.e. no lemon in the H20 when you requested it, having to ask for silverware or straws instead of being offered them, an empty H20 glass, etc.) you dock them 1% (not to fall below 15%). But if the meal is flawless and no detail is missed, then a full 20% is deserved.

Kind of like at the beginning of a semester in school where you start the semester with an A grade.


nancyrharrison said...

I agree with your tipping views. I try to do the same myself, but I think there is a run on lousy service lately. I actually gave an 11% tip in Vegas the other day. We practically had to nag her to death to get help! Amazing,...but not in a good way.

The Caldwell's said...

Tipping is hard sometimes! That's a great idea. I usually get great services at restaurants but I have trouble giving 20% when the waiters are way way too bossy....but that rarely happens...