Tuesday, March 3, 2009

HandyGirl Tips

I'm loving this recent tip from Good Things Utah:

Eyebrow/Eyeliner Pencils can be used to fix scratches in wood furniture and flooring...take an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil that closely matches the color of wood and then scribble in the scratch, use your fingers or a soft cloth to buff and blend in to the rest of the wood finish. Then apply clear nail polish to finish.

Once the scratch is repaired, if there is a deep dent left in your wood, use clear nail polish to build up dings in polished wood furniture. Apply several thin coats until even with the rest of the finish.

I tried this on our dark wood bedroom furniture and kitchen table this week (since they had taken a small beating from us moving apartments twice since in the past year and a half) and purcahsed an eyeliner pencil just for this purpose. It definately works well and a great quick fix.

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Joyce said...

Im definitely going to try that on the dining room chair that Sadies sits in...It has bite marks on it and I couldnt figure out how to fix it=) Ill let ya know how it works!