Monday, February 21, 2011

24 hours in Sacramento

A few weeks ago one of my friends posted a picture of their new house on FB.  I made a comment asking which window is ours for when we come visit.  She commented back saying our room would be the one facing their "perfectly manicured backyard".  We had to check it out, so off we went to California!

Our Valentine's trip to Sacramento (in chronological order):

- Chatting with friends on Facebook and watching HGTV from 33,000 feet in the sky

- The railroad museum (my favorite part was the Costal Ridge cart...way to travel in style)

- A walk through Old Town Sacramento

- Walking around the Delta King ship

- Free taffy and candy at the candy shop

- Dinner at Joe's Crab shack

- A walk around California's capital building

- Lots of chatting and meeting Kelly's husband

- Watching Secretariat on the way home

-Coming home to a happy Savannah... we think she had too much fun with Grandma while we were gone and suspect that we missed her more than she missed us!

- Oh wait...and a purple toilet in their neighborhood too.  That was weird.


Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

how nice to get away! So much fun!

Ree-ch said...

sweet vacation, wish I could up and leave, wouldn't last a few hours without worrying about Norah :) I will get her one of those Trunki though, excuse enough to travel more.

Joleen said...

Your friend married Steve Gale? I know him!!