Monday, February 7, 2011

What'll Ya Have?

When you go to the Varsity restaurant in Atlanta, you do it for the experience (not the meal because its overpriced and greasy. But we all pretend not to notice that).

Doesn't Savannah look captivated by this Varsity burger? Good for us - it kept her distracted from the fact that she is not wearing her little pants anymore - but my sweater tied around her waist.

Here's to keeping an extra set of clothes on hand for those leaky blow outs that we all love :)
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Nancy said...

Oh, I remember it well...Still, it was a fun day. Thanks!

The Caldwell's said...

She is just too cute...I love her face when she's staring at that burger!

Joyce said...

No way! I lOvE the Varsity! ;)

Val said...

LOL! She is darling.

Ree-ch said...

Did she actually eat anything? She's getting big! Norah's in nursery now, crazy huh.
Love the roller cleaner idea, gonna copy you on that.