Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How do ya like 'dem bum ruffles?

Like I suspect most babies are, S is curious and loves to be involved with whatever Brant is up to around the house and yard. Isn't that camo outfit fun? The front has a little deer and says "Daddy's Little Deer"

By the way, this 12 month photo of her is entered in a fun little contest.  
And she'll love you forever if you vote for her by Feb 28th :)

To vote: 
(1) Go to here and like their FB page.
(2) Give this photo a thumbs up
(3) Your fabulous!

Photo by Debbie


Joyce said...

Sadie had that same camo outfit:) It was a gift from her redneck uncle! hehehe

Nancy said...

Love that little girl! Come to think of it, we're rather fond of her folks too. :)
See y'all again next month!!!