Monday, July 25, 2011

Annual Garden Post

Since this is the first year that we've been in a home for two consecutive summers, Brant's garden pretty much stayed the same as last year - with an added bonus of getting bigger and better harvests this time around.

But the biggest bonus this year?  Finally having someone to help Brant in the garden (since I'm nowhere near an avid gardener as he is).  And she loves it.

Time to go to work

It's like an Easter Egg hunt finding these potatoes.  We used those same potatoes for tin foil dinners the next night.
They make a great team - Brant digs them up and Savannah puts them in her apron for safe keeping.

We've been busy soaking in these last few weeks enjoying our home and where we live before we pack up and head out to Houston - stay tuned!


Nancy said...

Oh how cute!

Linsey said...

So cute that she loves helping him! Have you guys found a place in Houston yet? Or have you even gotten that far?