Friday, August 5, 2011

This is Braves Country

One of the things on our Houston bucket list was tour Turner Field (it's where the Braves play for you non baseball fans).  We've been to many of games there before, but had yet to do a formal tour of the stadium until this past Tuesday (and let me tell you - it's awesome!)

Hanging out in the visitor dug out.  It's a whole other ballgame when you have seats that close!

Check out all of Savannah's hair - she's got lots of it!
My favorite parts were being in the broadcast booth, luxury suites, dug out, and clubhouse locker room (hello- I was thisclose and literally inches away from Brian McCann and Chipper Jones personal lockers).

A quick tip I learned?  I shoulda gone for the Cannon instead of the Nikon.  I've been having fits with my camera lately and missed a lot of good pictures (like of the clubhouse locker room... or a cool family photo on  the field at home plate). Ah, C'est la vie.

P.S.  Did you see the new post over on Savannah's blog?  Poor blog has been so neglected lately.


Kyle and Amanda said...

That looks like fun. And yes, Savannah has a ton of hair. McKayla's is getting so long and it is so thick that if I don't put it up, it makes her really hot. I would rather have hair than go back to when there was none though so it's okay. Keep us posted, we are excited for you and all of your changes!

Joyce said...

I know where Savannah gets all of her hair from! It looks so cute though:) And I'm totally jealous of you being that close to Chippers locker!

V said...

so have you already moved to Houston or when are you moving?

Savannah's hair is beautiful! Lucky girl.

I also have a Nikon that random has low lighting issues and won't take pictures. I can try and try and then have to put it away. But the next time I get it out it's fine. Crazy. Drivin me crazy. So many good pictures missed. Sigh.

Ree-ch said...

Did you get to throw a ball near the pitchers mound? You guys still in Georgia?