Thursday, April 21, 2011

Savannah H goes to Savannah GA

A few photos from our drive down and quick overnight trip to the city of Savannah earlier this week... (and its a beautiful place but nope, our child wasn't named with any association to this city)

Strolling down River Street and watching the boats pass by.  And having a street musician break into a rendition of The Itsy Bitsy Spider on his trumpet when we passed by and he saw our baby.  Cute!

Don't let this face fool you - 90 minute trolley tours of Historic Savannah and young toddlers do not mesh well!
Getting a pep talk for her first experience with the ocean out at Tybee Island Beach... 
"Don't be afraid, I'll hold your hand..."
Atta girl!  Thought you'd like it!  Next time we'll rent a condo on the coast and bring our swimming suits!
Dang sippy cup ruined any potential of a cute family photo
Trying to get the "Don't you wish you were here" beach shot with my toes and the (far off) ocean.  Not sure if that can really be achieved with grass stalks in the way though...
Tybee Island Light House
Stopping for lunch at The Crab Shack where the "Elite Eat in Their Bare Feet" (but not to be confused with Joe's Crab Shack)
Wonder what she's looking at?  Me too.
This crab shack was crawling with these alligators
My favorite find for a little souvenir shopping - for our toddler, of course!
Rats, no toddler sizes... and the smallest size would take her about 10 years to grow into.

My souvenir?  A shirt with Mr. Pig from the local Piggly Wiggly .  True story.

The original Savannah's Candy Kitchen on River Street - they give out delicious free samples.  Remember this post?
Getting one last walk in before the four hour drive back home... the Spanish moss created great shade around town.

Fun, fun visit!  And next time we go we'll make sure to spend more than 24 hours there!
One last P.S.  picture - thought of you when we passed here, Linsey!


Linsey said...

Oh man! That last picture is a blast from the past! When I was in San Antonio 2 summers ago, we drove by the store, and I had all sorts of mixed emotions. But the memories of you were all good!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the tour of your outing to Savannah. Looks like it was great fun!