Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Heard of Woombie?

I don't know about other little ones, but Savannah was definitely a swaddling baby when she was born.  And when I first discovered the Woombie  (on a deal a day website), I was immediately sold.   We may have gotten a few chuckles from others when they would see our baby girl zipped up in it , but we (Brant, Savannah, and I) all loved it.  It was easy to use and we liked the stretchy comfortable material that kept her swaddled, but also allowed her room to move inside of it (and no - the company didn't even pay me to say any of that!).

Anyways, what made me think about this?  I recently came across a giveaway for a lucky winner - check it out if you want!  And if you don't need if for yourself, chances are you know someone else who has a little one on the way.

I think this would fit into the category of the "Wow, I wish we had those around when my kids were babies!" comments I often hear from older parents.  You know-  like the bumbo.

P.S.  Hey all you local mama's- did you know that Jump 2 It in Peachtree City offers free admission to parents and little ones under the age of two?  We took Savannah there yesterday - a great place to go if your looking for entertainment!

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CASEY & NICOLE said...

I had the woombie for Cheyanne as well!! LOVED it! :)