Friday, April 22, 2011

Have a Good Friday

Easter egg hunts, baskets & bunny ears are a lot more fun when you have a kid! We've already started the Easter festivities this week and are looking forward to more this weekend with the Atlanta Temple Open House. 

But among all the marshmellow peeps (if they don't make you gag first) try not to forget the real meaning of Easter here

Savannah's very first coloring piece.  Handed to me when I picked her up from the gym child care the other week. I had no idea my child could stay in the lines so well ;)


Suzy said...

Wow, you must have a very talented child. I liked your pictures of Savannah (the place) and Savannah (the girl) as well. Sounds like fun.

Braden and Jen said...

Wow, she is very talented! I agree - Easter (and all holidays for that) are more fun with kids. We loved watching Arrie at the family Easter Egg Hunt. Thanks for your comment on our blog. I am so glad you like my planner! I have to say, I am curious on your marketing ideas - I am not the best on that end. We love looking at your blog and seeing Savannah grow.