Tuesday, September 29, 2009

(Finally).... Ta Da!!

Have I kept you in suspense long enough...?

Without further delay, here it is...

In between house hunting and work, Brant has completely torn down and rebuilt the bathroom in my mom's basement (a much welcome change from the outdated early 80's faded blue look it had)

After a few days of hammering, tearing down, chipping away, and hauling away debris, the bathroom looked like this (photos aren't resized and will blow up if you click on 'em):

After 7 weeks of instense internet research, consulting with my uncle the plumber, his pops who is doing a similar bathroom remodel as his place, and (I swear) two daily trips to Home Depot and Lowe's (pretty sure they know Brant by name by now) ... Ta Da!!

The new and amazing basement bathroom! Beautiful floor tile!

And beautiful paint job with the sage green! (One last touch that didn't make in this the above photo is an oval mirror that will hang above this sink.)

The cabinet shelving that he repainted that hangs on the wall to the right of the toilet didn't make it in this shot.

The custom shelves he built between the shower and the wall.

Remember the first two photos of this post? Brant ran into a hurdle (actually, he had a lot of hurdles with this bathroom) and built around the concrete drain to put up the shower.
AMAZING job sweetie! All manual work done by Brant- great, great job!

Oh, and then here's my (much less impressive) ta-da:

A blanket for our baby girl :) My goal was to make this entirely out of materials I already had. A few months ago I had started making an apron with this fabric- I had cut the fabric and started sewing it, but then lost my steam to finish it. Then after we found out we were having a girl, I took the fabric that I had bought for the apron made this quilt instead.

You can tell that I was running out of fabric and had to improvise with a couple of corner squares (and hoping that the flower iron/sew on would cover it up). Then I took some pink satin ribbon I already had and finished the binding. But don't be fooled- I had a lot of help from my mom on the cutting and binding and from borrowed quilting frames courtesy of Ma Harrison- who took some time to help with the tying :)

But for the most exciting ta-da....

We're officially homeowners!!
(That's the key we're both holding)

Last Friday afternoon at precisely 5pm, we signed the last of the papers for this home :)

We have (both) worked (very hard from scratch), saved like crazy fools (since we've been married for the past two years.... call us old fashioned but we're believers in putting down 20% for a home), did (lots) of research on home buying, waited till the best time to buy....and now it's paying off.

We are so excited- this home couldn't be more perfect for us.

Some of our favorite things...

-Located in Newnan, GA (a quick 20 minute interstate drive to the Atlanta airport)

-3 bedroom, 2 full bath (not too big, not too small, and perfect for starting a family)

-2 car garage that is hidden to the house (meaning that looking at the house you can't see the garage door that takes up half of the house.. that was a big one for me)

- built on a .8 acre lot (that's almost a full acre for Brant's garden)

-a cute little shed in the back yard with matching shutters to the home (and a
place for Brant to keep his gardening and other tools)

-Wood fenced in back yard

-Screened in back porch with sun shades (perfect for BBQs and watching thunderstorms pass through)

- Vaulted ceilings with ceiling fans (and an open floor plan)

- built in 2002 (quirks from a brand new home have been worked out and lanscaping done... well, except a few plants in front of the house that need to be pulled out).

We actually have room for entertaining guests now! Come on over everyone :)

Okay Pops- you can breath now. This post is done.


Ted;Nancy said...

That's right thats my boy :) nice job on the bathroom. And a SUPER BIG Gratz on the house.....I want my own room :)

Nancy H said...

I think the baby quilt turned out cute...and I just want it known that I tied a couple of those knots. :) Every little bit helps! :)
Great work on all your projects, both of you!!!

B and K said...

Yes- and those knots were surely appreciated, Nancy!

Linsey said...

That's SO great about the house! Hopefully we'll have a similar picture to share very soon!

Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

YEAH! Congrats! What an awesome accomplishment!

Shannon said...

I guess I could share a room with Nancy if I need to... but I think the bottom half should be painted purple and the top half pink just for old times sake.

Wow, that bathroom job is nothing short of a miracle. I'm using that bathroom when I come home from now on!

Gingyroo said...

How exciting!! Beautiful bathroom, beautiful quilt, beautiful home!! What amazingly talented people you both are!

Kristen said...

How Exciting! I loved all of your "Ta Das". Congratulations on the new house.

Andrea - said...

Amazing and amazing and amazing!!! Congratulations!!!

The Caldwell's said...

Wow! That's all I can say! Good Job Brant for the wonderful job you did with the beautiful bathroom, and also good job to you Wilson! For a super cute Blanket! I wish I could sew!

AND, what a cute house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love it! It's so perfect!

So happy for all the great things in your life!

Lindy said...

Aren't you guys real grown ups? Congratulations! And fantastic job on your respective projects!

Dene said...

Wow! Congratulations you two! That house looks and sounds perfect! I hope you enjoy it after all your hard work and saving! I am also impressed with Brant's bathroom remodeling skills and your quilt making!