Friday, October 9, 2009

Hi Ho... Hi Ho

It's back to class I go...

Tax class, that is.

When we moved to Georgia (and with a baby on the way), I would often get the question from folks if I were still going to work. My thoughts were - sure. But on the stipulation that if I can find a part time job that could be super flexible with hours and still be challenging enough (but not stressful) of a job for me to want to do it, I'd totally be up for it.

The other day I was skimming the local newspaper and found that Liberty Tax (you know- the ones that have the Statue of Liberty wavers outside during tax season) was looking for tax preparers for the up comming season. I gave them a call, and after leaving a quick message about the experience I had and wanting to maybe pursue an opportunity with them, I got a call back from the owner of the Liberty Tax franchise in town asking if I would be interested in not being a tax preparer- but doing the marketing and bringing in business for their location. That would mean starting in January, I would work 10-15 hours a week (up to 30 if I really wanted). And that if I also wanted to be a tax preparer on the side, I could do that as well.

Ding, ding, ding, ding!!

Talk about excellent timing. But, what do I do from now until January? I've had lots of folks mention that between moving into a house and preparing for a baby (including the Moms in Motion fitness class for expecting moms that the hospital offers that I enrolled in) that I'd have plenty to keep me busy... but well, it hasn't. And in the meantime, Brant is keeping busy with keeping up with the yard and making small home improvements (he's outside pressure washing the house and driveway as I type this).

And since I'd like to understand and actually learn how to do taxes (and not just pass them on to someone else to do each year- even if it's Brant) I enrolled in their (free) tax class that meets twice a week, three hours each time, and lasts for the next month and a half. We've met twice so far and I'm learning TONS! Its actually pretty neat.

Needless to say that Brant is definately in favor of me learning to do taxes because it means that he doesn't have to do them anymore. And I'm always wondering what is out there that we can use as a tax deduction that we're not already aware of (because there's tons! the cost of dry cleaning work uniforms, anyone?)

And we'll just see how this works out. The due date for this baby is January 23 (right as tax season starts) but the franchise owner can be flexible with that and let me pick my own hours and then I could work around Brant's schedule allowing him to be home for one or two hours a day when he's not on trips so that I could do this. And then I wouldn't go stir crazy being home with a baby.




Don't get me wrong, I mean being a mom is rewarding, I'm sure- and of course that will be my first priority, but I can see that unless I have something else that will keep me at least a little intellectually stimulated (not to mention the adult interaction) that I'll have a little bit of a tough time with the adjustment to being a mom. And one to two (or three at the max) hours a day of work would be perfect.

Yay for this- I'm stoked :)

Oh, and P.S. - now that we've got the internet set up at our place I'll be be able to post more frequently :)


Wilson's said...

Sweet deal! Can you do my taxes this year too? :) They stress me out.
I have really enjoyed working 1 day a week. But just this last week Porter has really been fun and I don't want to leave, incase I miss something.
Take it REAL slow the first month or two so you can get into the flow of life after the baby.

Dink said...

I have done taxes for the past three years now and love it!! It is great to get out and interact with the different people, I am sure you will be great at it and the marketing is right up your alley!!

The Caldwell's said...

Cool! You're a super woman