Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Spent... Under the Weather

Friday evening: left work an hour early since Ma and Pa Harrison rolled into town from TX. After some catching up on our chit chat we headed over to Chuck-a-Rama (Pops request) and met Kyle and Amanda who were also in town.

Did I really once upon a time love this resturant? Let's just say that I'm in no hurry to go back there... if ever. I was up all Friday night with either food poisoning or the stomach flu.

Not the most fun. (I must have been the lucky one since I'm the only one that seemed affected)

Especially since it meant having to miss the next morning's Running with Angels 5K that I've been looking forward to since I learned about it last February. This 5K was going to be super cool since the course was through the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. Good thing there's other 5Ks to look forward to that are going on around this place.

I also missed Amanda's baby shower on Saturday- which I was looking forward to because I found this cute resourceful way of gift wrapping:

I found this idea while back on Tip Junkie and bookmarked it, so I can't take credit for the cute idea (except I give myself double points for being resourceful and using a flower clip to hold the ribbon together, but actually goes with the headband that was inside as part of the gift :)

Go here if you like the idea and want to see it step by step.

Sunday: pretty much recovered and went to church. Keep it a low key day.

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Mann's said...

My Guess...the FLU!!! It has been going around BAD and food poisoning takes time to get through the body to finally react to it. I am sorry you were so sick...I was there last week too. Hope you are feeling better.