Wednesday, May 6, 2009


If you live in the Provo area, hurry over to The R House and print a coupon for a FREE strand of Freshwater Pearls from Goldsmith Jewelers on University Ave.

No joke and no strings attached.

I got the tip from a new co-worker. A handful of guys from our office went over during the lunch hour today and picked some up for their wives. So I went earlier this evening- the line was about 30 people deep (and I'm not the best at being patient or standing in lines) so I just got a raincheck to come back and get it after Mother's Day. (I may or may not try to just go back in tomorrow and see if the line is shorter during the lunch hour).

NOW THROUGH MAY 9 (unless you go and get a raincheck). No purchase necessary. They didn't expect this much of a response- WHILE SUPPLIES (or rainchecks) LAST.


Andrea - said...

You are hooked up!!!

How is the new job? I've been meaning to call you back, but whenever I look at the clock it is way too late to consider it a decent hour to call. I haven't forgotten though. What's your question?

Dink said...

It really works, Jesse and I got two one for each of our mom's!! Luckily we only had about 4 people in front of us when we went over!! They are super nice and helpful as well!!

The Caldwell's said...

you always know where to get good stuff.

Congrats on getting a new job!!! I'm sure you're doing fantastic!