Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Highlights

Friday: Shopping for work clothes and stopping into Archivers for the free make and take project going on that day. Brant was on a trip until about 10:30pm so that evening so I watched the Bodine kids solo (The babysitting I'm trading for piano lessons from the mom. Her kids are super well mannered and behaved a 4 year old boy and 11 month girl).

Saturday morning: Woke up with what I thought was a minor sore throat.

My immediate reaction?

Swine flu.

(Thank you media for conditioning my brain to think that way. Of course all I was suffering from was a mild case of a little dry air from during the night.)

Sunday dinner: A recipe from Emily's blog The Open Pantry! I made her Monterey Chicken- which was super exciting for Brant since we got to use the green onions from his garden (the first crop of the year!). If your looking for new recipes, check out her recipe blog. I met Emily back in the MTC- she went to Berlin Germany and I went to her hometown of St. George. She hooked me up with her family's phone and address- and of course her family was excited to know that I met Em in the MTC. The Parry family was so good to us sister missionaries! Her cute sisters would also come on exchanges with us all the time.

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Emily said...

Kristen! I am tickled pink that you tried one of my recipes! Hope you enjoyed it! Sounds like life is going great for you! Take care!