Friday, April 3, 2009

Overnight in San Francisco

Brant has been on a 3 day trip and yesterday arrived in San Fran at noon for a 22 hour layover (how boring to be in a hotel by yourself for that long...) So, I headed out there to keep him company.

While I was waiting in the SLC airport for the flight out there, I realized that one of my mission companions, Kelly, is not far from the San Francisco area going to grad school. So I called her up- and I was in luck! She had the day off and could come meet us to go galaventing.

(When Brant and I were dating, we discovered that he actually knew Kelly's sister from BYU. Small world.)

(Isn't pink precious?)

After settling in at the hotel, Kelly came and picked us up- we headed to a Mexican resturant for lunch, hit up Mickey D's for an ice cream cone, then headed back to the hotel so she could meet with her study group.

Back at the hotel, we caught 'cocktail hour' for the free chips and nacho cheese (sweet) then utilized the hotel's work out facilities (gotta prepare for tomorrow's 'grueling' 5K). After the study group, Kelly came back to the hotel while Brant hit the hay and we hit up the pool.

After breakfast this morning, Brant went back to work, and I came back to Salt Lake.

Good times.


Val said...

You guys are so lucky to get a free/paid vacation like that--what a fun life.

Ted;Nancy said...

I wish I could do that for a living, Must be nice :)


B and K said...

Okay, Pops. We'll trade the California trips for your Hawaii/ Caribbean flying.

Deal? -K

The Caldwell's said...

I wanna see Kelly too!