Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How my in-laws entertain their children

Since Brant had an unusual 4 day weekend with Monday and Tuesday off this week, we took off after church on Sunday and headed to Texas to visit Ma (Nancy) and Pa (Pops) Harrison. This morning Pops even let us ride The Red Streak (aka his newest toy or lil' red).

Maybe I was a little nervous driving lil' red; it went much faster than I expected! (notice that goofy grin on my face!)

Brant was a natural. He just needs a cowboy hat now.

I had some leftover fabric from the baby quilt I had made for a friend the other month that I brought down with me and that Nancy helped me with (good thing Pops knew how to troubleshoot the bobbin I was struggling with...)

It was nice to visit with you guys again (and I call dibs on mowing the neighbors lawn with lil' red next time).


Ted;Nancy said...

Ya its hard to handle 17000 horse power :)


Ted;Nancy said...

Oh, and good thing you had such a highspeed camara to catch the action with out blurring the Pics :)


Kyle and Amanda said...

That is so funny!! I can totally see that happening too. It made me in the mood to go to Texas- maybe we will. Glad that you were kept entertained.

Shannon said...

Do you remember when mom used to mow the church lawn in New Jersey and would let us ride that thing with her?