Monday, April 13, 2009

Georgia Easter Weekend Highlights

Friday evening: After hearing that there would be thunderstorms and heavy rain during the Braves opening game that night, Lacy instead rounded us all up for dinner in Atlanta at Noche's. Living in Utah these days, I often get comments about not having a southern accent...all four of these girls had such strong southern twangs that it put a smile on my face all night long.

Friday night: Picked up Brant from the ATL airport after his long work week.

Saturday afternoon: After visiting Falcon Field in Peachtree City, we got 5 sibs/ spouses piled into the car and headed over to the local ball fields for some sweet hitting practice.

Saturday night: My mom wanted to reminence of her BYU Old Testmant class days and for a cultural learning experience for us, put together a Passover Seder that one of her professors had done. She made sure that it was complete by leaving an extra chair for Elijah and keeping the front door open a few inches.

Sunday: An updated family photo after church (including Nathan's 'non-homecomming' talk) and Easter dinner with the entire Kimble extended fam.

Sunday's Fun dicovery: A few weeks ago, Brant and I were sitting in church and I noticed that on the back of the program (where they list all the missionaries that are serving from the ward and their addresses) that one of the missionaries was serving in the Atlanta mission. It so happens- that for easter dinner my mom also invited the missionaries over- and Elder Roberts was that same missionary! The missionary from our ward in Utah is serving in my mom's ward in Georgia! What are the chances?! We made sure to take a couple photos to bring back for his family here.

Sunday evening: back to Salt Lake and some cool conversation with a guy from South Africa on the plane.


Rissa & John said...

such a fun weekend!

Nancy H said...

How wonderful for your mom to have all her children together for a time! I expect it felt a bit like heaven. :)

Ie Ling Gail said...

Hey Kristin, I hope you don't think I'm a total creeper but Austin Keith told me to check on the blogs and I was just reading yours. I scrolled down and I was very surprised when I saw a picture of Brant with Elder Roberts! He actually lived in my home ward for most of my childhood. Anyway, I just thought that was very interesting. It really is a small world. Hope you're doing well.