Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Trip!

On Sat morning we headed down to Phoenix to spend the day with some friends. It was a blast! Literally - this is Cambi right after discovering the flat tire on the car. (There's nothing like changing a tire in Phoenix 115 degree weather!) We had a great time- a few highlights...

Went swimming, played with the Nikon D40 (hence this photo), ate an awesome steak BBQ...
And then wrapped up the day playing Rock Band and a few rounds of Pit. (Nancy - do you recognize that pink shirt??)

Thanks for a great time guys!!


Chi3165 said...

Hi guys! Nancy told me about your blogspot so simply had to drop by and say hello. The photo of the necklace (?) came out really well. Did you use a macro setting for that? And, Pit! Pit! you say! I LOVE pit. Maybe next time you get down here we can play a game. Kristen, I've wished for more hours in the day for years now. Problem is, not only days, but weeks, months, and worst of all, the years simply go by faster and faster. Enjoy what and when you can while you're still young. Great spot you two!

Nancy H said...

Of course I remember that pink shirt, Kristen, and might I say that you look maaavelous! Like the sparkle pic too. You guys are really getting good with that camera!
The favorite mother-in-law in TX!

The McCullough Crew said...

Hey Hey! I'm glad you guys came down even through half the day was a no-good-very-bad-day but it was fun.

Come down again soon!