Monday, June 2, 2008

A few highlights

A few memories from spending the day at California Adventures. It was so fun to see my old roomate Shelly who works there now! If your curious about the photo of Flick- its a hilarious story and an inside joke for us now! These photos are a little distorted, but I anticipate that my photo taking skills can only improve since I'm taking Nicole's photo 101 class during the month of June!


KyleandAmanda said...

What I would give to skip school and go to Disneyland. I am jealous, but glad that you guys had such a fun time!

J&S said...

Lucky duck! Is this where you thought he was taking you?

J&S said...

Kristen: On your blog, go to settings and then select the very bottom you will see comment notification email. Viola, you are linked in once you fill in your email address choice.