Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I can explain...

*Disclaimer: picture has nothing to do with this post!
Remember that one time I posted about going to the Braves Stadium and then didn't post for over a month?  Remember also in that post when I mentioned that my camera had pooped out?

I know, blah, blah, blah, right?

Well, it turns out that the lens was broke and needed to be replaced (the the camera body was just fine).  It shouldn't have taken so long to replace, but I had already wanted to look into getting a different camera anyways, and since that was back when we were still living in Georgia and had too many other things (a move to Houston, Texas) going on that took priority over taking the time to research and find a good camera ... well, no blog posts.  Until now.

At any rate, my Nikon D40 (soon to be replaced by a Cannon) has been packed up and shipped off to KEH to be replaced, so it still may be a couple of weeks before I get pictures back up on this blog.

In the meantime, you can see on my Facebook profile a picture from the Sprint Triathlon (my first one!) that I completed back on August 20 when we were still in Georgia.  This was a birthday present to myself and I'm so glad I was able to participate in it.  .3 mile swim, 14 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run - in that order.  I had trained for two months prior to it and had a great support team waiting for me at the end (Brant, Savannah, and good friend Lacy - who also picked me and my bike up at 5:30am that morning.  Is she a great friend or what?)  I wish I had  more pictures of it, but remember how I mentioned that I've been camera-less the last little while?  I'm just happy for the picture that Lacy took on her phone and posted to Facebook before the start of it!

What else have we been up to the last little while?  While still in Georgia - dental work (cavity and then on top a crown - boo), lots of get togethers with Georgia friends and my family, my birthday, consignment sales, packing, moving, settling into our rental house in Texas (our home in Georgia sold quickly, but we were holding our breath towards the closing when there was a two week delay due to paperwork issues on the buyers part), flying back and forth between Georgia and Texas tying up lose ends, and lots of other boring things that go along with moving.

And while we sure do miss our house and everyone in Georgia - and wish that Skywest hadn't ever closed its Atlanta base - we love it here in Texas.  We got here on Sept 1st and have been setting up shop and learning the area since. And even though it definitely is hot here (still in the 90s in mid September), we love that Brant is home every night with us and has weekends off.  And having him home is worth any sacrifice.


Joyce said...

Good to hear you're doing well! I sure do miss ya:) A visit to Texas is in the works for next year for sure!!

The Caldwell's said...

I'm glad to hear the move went well :) Are you guys staying with someone or found a house already?
Good luck with everything!!

Linsey said...

I'm glad everything turned out ok with the sale of your house, and that the move went well. Glad you guys are settling in, and can't wait to see more pictures with that fancy new camera!

V said...

Awesome that your home sold so quickly and that you did a triathlon! The idea was planted in my mind about a year ago but I haven't progressed towards starting to train. The bike ride part sounds the most daunting to me. Faster and faster I'm afraid of crashing and burning. Anyway, very admirable. You've had a busy couple months! Glad you updated us.

Nancy said...

You know, I have looked at the picture at the beginning of your post several times, and I finally saw the...spotted kittens. Hahaha! Love it!