Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We Survived the Swine of '09

If I were a drugstore (and actually had stock of the vaccine), I'd advertise that we had H1N1 shots with this slogan in the windows.

I'm a believer in flu shots and try to get them every year. Especially this year with a baby arrival expected in the thick of a rampid flu season. Some people aren't comfortable with this vaccine and that is hasn't been tested long enough. I brought it up during our last doctors visit and got the confirmation that yes, this would be a good thing to get. I felt comfortable with that.

Last week I was watching the local news on a night where they dedicated half of their broadcast to the swine flu. The news station had added a page to their website of places they had found in the metro Atlanta area that had stock of H1N1 shots- and we were in luck! Our county's health department would be getting in a shipment of H1N1 shots at 10am the next morning and then have an open clinic from 1-3pm that day for people to come get them.

Brant was such a trooper about it- he definately is not a fan of getting shots, but I was able to convince him that with all the people he comes in contact with at work, that flu shots may not be a bad idea for him. Meaning both the seasonal flu shot and the H1N1 shot. I'm not paranoid- just prepared. Plus I've already had a mild cold that lasted about two weeks and do not look forward to the possiblity of becomming even more sick at the same time of having a new baby.

If your a believer in the flu vaccine and live in the Atlanta Metro area, go here for a list of available places with the H1N1 shot.


The Caldwell's said...

I need to get a H1N1 shot too....for some reason, our area is not getting enough! My sister who lives 3 hours away says clinics in her area has plenty...what's up with that?? I might have to drive 3 hours to go get it huh?

Good luck and hope you feel better now.

Nancy H said...

In the DFW area, you have to be high risk (med. personnel, child with health issues, or a pregnant lady) to get the H1N1 shot). It is in very short supply. Which is okay with me, because I don't like shots. My motto is: wash your hands, and don't touch your face alot!!!

Nancy H said...

Oh, and for the Election, officials even included a big bottle of hand sanitizer for voters and clerks. That was a first! Nice!!!

The Strong Family said...

everyone who works at the hospital here is required to get both the flu and h1n1 vaccine. i don't really know how i feel about it, i am still deciding for my kids if I want it or not.