Friday, November 20, 2009

Woot! Woot!

I've had some pretty good couponing trips lately (triple coupons at Food Lion - weird name, I know - earlier this week was pretty exciting), and I know I said I wouldn't ever do this again- but today I hit up Rite Aid for the second time this week and put these four things in my cart and headed to the check out stand -

Once the lady rang every thing up and was about to tell me the total (we were having small chit chat), I casually mentioned "Oh, I have some coupons for you."

One by one, she scanned each coupon in. After she scanned the last coupon, she looked back at the total and, with eyes wide, turned to me and said "55 cents! WOW!" Then she turned to the worker and manager at the register next to hers and exclaimed "Her total is 55 cents for this!"

She was a friendly woman and since the screen to the register was big enough for me to see too, I pointed to the numbers and nonchalantly mentioned "Actually....I think you owe me 55 cents." (That doesn't include the $4 in rebates from that transaction I'll get back in the mail).

The lady was pretty excited. After studing the screen for a second and realizing that my coupons actually did bring me to a negative total of .55, she was amazed. But Rite Aid must have some policy because she said that she couldn't give me money back from the register.

I told her that was perfectly fine as I picked up the items she placed in the bag (now that I think about it I should have grabbed something else in the 55 cents range). She kept saying "Tell all your friends! Tell all your friends!" I told her I definately would.

And then I left the store smiling.

And I mean really smiling.

P.S. This is not the ta-da post.


Ted;Nancy said...

Just shameful you didn't pick up a 55 cent candy bar for me :)


Val said...

Seriously amazing. You are good!

Suzy said...

I think I saw that deal for the toilet paper, but I didn't do it. Maybe I should....

The Allred Family said...

Kristen.....glad you found your blog and visa versa! YEAH! I had went into labor the night after women's conference! :)

J+S said...

Hey where are you? You haven't posted in like a week, which is a really long time in blogging land. :)

Val said...

We're still excited to hear your ta-da post. Is it baby's name?