Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sweet Stuff

Since I'm off my couponing hiatus (and made another $20 this week at Rite Aid after 'purchasing' a plethora of cold and flu remedies that were free on rebate at Rite Aid) I've come across a couple of useful free poromo offers (opposed to free junk).

Remember the first time that you saw the infomercial or heard about Snuggies? I laughed. And definately never would have thought that they would become all the rage- but they have! And since its your lucky day, click on over to here and get a Snuggie of your very own for free! (Including free shipping).

I'll plan on having a movie/snuggie party once everyone gets theres too :)

Or, if your like us and are getting ready to be first time parents, go here to to get your Free 11 issue subscription to Parenting Early Years Magazine.


The Caldwell's said...

I love that magazine! You know all the good deals!

J+S said...

Snuggies still make me laugh. When people have them on, it looks like they are Star Wars characters or something. But I'm sure they are warm!

The Strong Family said...

wow a free snuggie we are living the american dream :)

The Strong Family said...

you are like me, if you want a fancy designer stroller, i just got 2 bugaboos last week for 100 bucks a piece!! crazy huh.