Monday, July 27, 2009

Last Weekend in Utah

Friday - was my last day of work. And since it was also Pioneer Day (yep- our office is open on Pioneer Day) we had a potluck lunch. What a great send off!

Fri evening - Dene and Mike headed over for one last salmon BBQ (Christy- we ate ALL of the salmon you sent home with us! Well, minus the last 3 frozen pieces that we gave to Dene and Mike to take home- we thought they were the most appropriate to give them to since they're from Alaska and all!)

Sat afternoon - we headed to Seven Peaks with Rissa and John to use up the passes that were burning a hole in our pockets since I bid for them online a few months ago. I thought that I had outgrown water parks a few years ago, but I was wrong! It was especially fun to watch how dramatic Brant and John were about riding certain slides and then the victory they felt afterwards on going down the steep slides (Brant talked about it all evening!). Afterwards Rissa and John treated us to 5 Buck Pizza in Provo - a great way to end the day!

Sunday - our last sunday in this ward. We couldn't have left on a better note - Elder Roberts returned home last week and gave his homecomming talk. This was the Elder that we ran into over Easter dinner in Georgia at my mom's house and who spent his last area in the Fayetteville ward- the same ward that we will be moving to in Georgia (at least temporarily). One of my young women's leader from GA and her daughter were also sitting in the congregation yesterday listening to his homecomming talk and it was so fun to run into them!

Later that afternoon we headed to the Roberts home for dinner to celebrate the homecomming of Jacob and the farewell of his brother Justin who will be leaving on a mission to Italy next week. It was terrific!

What a great way to spend our last weekend! (If we were moving in the middle of winter, I probably wouldn't have any hesitation to pick up and move, but this past weekend isn't going to make it any easier for us to move this Friday).


Gingyroo said...

Good luck on the move guys! Hope everything goes smoothly. I'm so excited that things have finally worked out for you to move to GA!

The Caldwell's said...

Oh, you're off to Hotlanta! Be careful! Good luck with everything! Hope to visit you there

Joyce said...

But you're coming home!!! What else is better than that?! Im so excited, Let me know when your here=)

Wilson's said...

What a great way to end your time in Utah! Such a fun week. I can't believe you ate ALL the salmon! Next year we will have to send you home with more, and some you caught yourself. :) Good luck with the traveling and keep us update with your address and baby news.

The Strong Family said...

love the blog. congrats on making the move back south! we aren't private anymore we just tried it out for a week and didn't really like it. ok i will love checking in on you and if you're ever in the la area stop by!

Dene said...

Thanks for having us to dinner before you guys left. It was fun, we'll miss you guys!