Monday, July 6, 2009



Remeber me? I think that was the longest blogging break I've taken in the past year.

Anyways, here's what we were up to on the 4th:

Since Brant didn't get home from a trip until after 3pm that day (and decided not to run in the 5K that morning since Brant would have missed it) I head to the Freedom Festival Parade with our good friends Rissa and John.

My favorite part?

The missionaries.

Sugi (and other UPM alumni)- check it out. The Utah Provo Mission even has a sweet float in the parade now! Maybe they borrowed that globe from the VC in St. George? haha!

Later that afternoon we had John and Rissa over for a sweet BBQ of Alaskan salmon and hamburgers. Brant did a great job on his salmon complete with green onions as garnishes.

Later that evening we headed over to the fields across from the MTC to watch the fireworks. Fireworks are always fun, but I think everyone could tell this year that there were budget cut backs. It seemed that the fireworks lasted for about 30 min- with a 15 min intermission that made up half of it. It was still fun, though :)
What a great holiday!

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The Caldwell's said...

Happy 4th! It's your favorite holiday! I remembered...

That's so sweet they get a little global thing...I think you're right, they are using the VC ones...

TJ and I totally missed the Utah 4th of July. Ours were kinda lame since we live in a small town now.