Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Highlight

Watching this year's Miss America televised live from Las Vegas. I headed over to Rissa's place since she gets cable and the TLC channel it was on (Brant was on a trip- I don't think he minded that he missed out on this...) So fun to eat, gab, and do our predictions (Rissa called Miss Indiana out as the winner from the start- and I predicted that Georgia would place in the top 2. We were both right).

Last year, the Miss America Organization gave out $340,000 in scholarships (about the same given out this year- and this was just at the national level. Even more is awarded at the local levels).

Love it.

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nancyrharrison said...

I finally found the Miss America Pageant on an obscure channel when it was almost over, but still it was fun to see who won. Miss Indiana genuinely looked surprised when she had her name called. Seemed like a really sweet gal the way she kept saying, "Oh my gosh!" and she waved at her parents. Good for her!!!