Monday, January 19, 2009

Hearthside Slippers

On Saturday night Brant and I went bowling at the local alley (his bro AK that's going to BYU met up with us and brought some of his friends). Never mind that Brant and I tied with the highest score of 119- on the next lane over I noticed a super cute girl with the most darling shoes/ slippers I have seen in months. After she said she got them from LL Bean (I asked as she was leaving) I hurried home and got online to find them.

So sad that they are all sold out (in my size)!


Nancy H said...

Hey, Kristen! The green ones and the natural ones are cute too. You have almost convinced me to order a pair. My problem is: do you wear socks with those things? How long would they last if I wore them outside, do you think?

kristen said...

I'd probably wear no socks or socklets with these. And they would last for as long as they were being taken care of (good thing there's no snow in Texas!)

The Caldwell's said...

they are really cute and comfortable. i want one too.