Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our (un) successful trip to The Price is Right

Monday, January 26:
5am (Mountain Time) - Kristen wakes up to finish last minute details for the day's trip and gets ready
6am (Mountain Time)- Brant wakes up & gets ready
6:30am (Mountain Time) - left for SLC airport
10:30am (Pacific Time)- arrive at LAX airport
11:30am (Pacific Time)- arrive at CBS studio for the 1pm taping
11:40am - Find out that people have been waiting since 4am that morning to stand in line for the 1pm taping. Continue to stand in line for arrival passes for the next (and last) 4pm taping.
1:00pm (Pacific Time) - CBS starts calling numbers to start processing for the 4pm taping.
1:45pm (Pacific Time) - Still waiting for our number to be called.
1:46pm (Pacific Time) - CBS announces that there is no seats left in the studio.

What the heck?!
We had gotten our 'tickets' from online. I knew that it wasn't confirmed seating and that you had to be there early. But 4am??? Thanks a lot CBS - next time try giving out less tickets so people don't get their hopes up.

2:00pm - (Pacific Time) - regroup and think of how to kill time before our 7:30pm shuttle and flight back to Salt Lake.
2:05pm - (Pacific Time) - find a nearby movie theater and watch the next movie showing - "Paul Blart- Mall Cop"
2:45pm - Wonder if this was the best way to spend our time in LA and use of $19.95
4:oopm - movie (finally) ends. Spotted a Johnny Rockets and grabbed some dinner
4:45pm- shuttle back to LAX and flight back to Salt Lake
11:00pm - (Mountain Time) - arrive back home in Orem.

Our worhtless 'order of arrival' passes

Oh, well....You win some, you lose some, right?? At least a day is the sun is a day won! (so great to get out of the cold and snow for a day!)

**For info on how you too can get free worthless tickets to the Price is Right, visit here


Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

Oh man... sounds like a great little trip to the movies. My brother and his wife tried to get on the price is right and didn't have any luck. Who knew it was a priveledge just to get in the audience? (sorry having a hard time spelling today). :)

Andrea - said...

What an adventure! Sorry you weren't able to make it to a taping. How was the movie? The previews look funny, but I'm debating on whether all the funny parts are in the preview or not.

J+S said...

What a bummer, but an adventure. Are you going to write CBS hate mail? You totally should!

The Caldwell's said...

Darn, i can't believe how early you have to be there! That's crazy...i bet it was nice to feel the warm sun of LA though...How was the movie? i kinda wanted to see that movie