Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday afternoon- arrived back in Salt Lake after being out of town last week in Chicago at RSNA. ...A few of my favorite things done in She-kaw-go that I'd never before experienced (a couple which of course, happened after the exhibit hall closed and there were no scheduled events for the night):

Hailed taxi cabs on busy street corners (I personally think special liscenses should be required for driving in Chicago... or any really busy was boarderline cut throat watching people drive out there).

Walked/ shopped down Michigan Avenue (aka "The Magnificant Mile")

Saw Wicked on our final night there (sweet show...though it was a bummer that Brant was working and couldn't make it out to watch it too, like we had originally planned).
AND...this is for Dene... but ran into her dad who is a Radiologist and at the show who passed by our booth. He didn't really remember me, but I have a good memory and remembered him :)

Friday evening- luckily the stomach bug didn't hit me until about 20 minutes before we landed in Salt Lake- avoiding any time spent in Chicago under the weather. Unluckily we missed the KLAS Christmas Party that night that I had been looking forward to all week because I was so miserable :(

ALL day Saturday - couldn't move a muscle from being up all the night before. Must have been a 24 hour thing. By Saturday evening I felt well enough for a short drive in the car (HUGE improvement from the 12 hours before).

Sunday- recovered and able to go to church. Decorated our tree and watched the First Presidency Christmas Fireside (I'll post pics of the tree later since my battery is charging right now). It's good to be back home and hoping that Brant doesn't catch what I had from taking care of me this weekend - he is such a dear.


The Caldwell's said...

You saw the Wicked?? Wow, nice! I've always been wanting to go see it! Did you like it?
I hope you're feeling better today. Sorry you were sick.
We watch the presidency message online too! ;) Have a great week, miss you!

Brant and Kristen said...

Wicked was so great- it gave me chills at times!

Val said...

I'm sorry you got sick! Sometimes adrenaline while you are on a trip can keep something at bay and then when you relax it hits you. Regardless, I'm glad you made it home so you didn't have work pressure & Brant could take care of you.

Dene said...

I can't believe you remembered what my Dad looked like! Your memory is amazing!