Monday, December 29, 2008

Why I could do without TSA

(photo from Google images)
I know that they are trying to be a protection for passengers, but often I feel more annoyed with TSA than anything. Especially when it comes to their consistancy in enforcing their rules- as well as no communication to passengers of what those rules are.

Case in point:

On the way back to Salt Lake City, we stopped in Dallas to visit the in-laws. In my carry on bag were some items I received in my stocking- i.e. hand sanitizer, toothpaste, a seam ripper for sewing, super glue, and craft glue (am I the only one that gets super glue in my stocking?)

Getting through the Atlanta security was no problem. It was when I was leaving Dallas going to Salt Lake that my carry on bag was flagged when it went through the xray. I had put all my liquids in a ziplock plastic bag, although it was bigger than the required quart size (since that's all I had). Well, they tell me that they need to transfer all my liquids from the bigger ziplock to the quart size ziplock. No big deal to me- since I knew it would all still fit. But then the guy who had taken it to switch the bag comes back to tell me that I can't take the super glue or craft glue that I had included in the ziplock bag with me. Hello?! Can someone please tell me where on the airport signs read that you can't pack glue on your carry on? Even Brant had no idea!

The TSA guy didn't care that I got through the Atlanta airport without a problem and took my super glue away. (I'm sure he was on a power trip). Here's the catch- even after he saw the sewing seam ripper I had in my carry on (you know, with its very sharp and pointy end) he had no problem in letting me through with it....?! Had I just taken the super glue out of my bag that went through the xray and into the back pocket of my jeans, they would have never even known that I had it.

Just be more consistant TSA...that's all I ask.


Mom said...

I'm glad at least you still have that seam ripper!

nancyrharrison said...

I would be miffed too, especially if the glue was smaller than 3 ounces. And, yes, I agree that some are definitely on power trips as they work for the TSA. Wonder where we can write to get some uniformity in the screening?!

The Caldwell's said...

I'm sorry girl...that sucks. I love super glue

Andrea - said...

What a rebel you are! Were you planning to super glue the entire cockpit closed with a tiny container of super glue? Or maybe super glue the attendants to their chairs or the sides of the airplane. Sounds dangerous to me... Hope the rest of your holidays have been good and relaxing!