Monday, June 20, 2011


Taken on my pleasant evening drive around downtown Salt Lake last Thursday
A husband attending an annual three day simulator training in Salt Lake City + Savannah away at her first Grammy camp in Texas = perfect timing for a trip to Utah for me.  Our six day trip from last week notes:

- A flight to Texas and spending a day swimming with Ma & Pa Harrison before leaving Savannah in their good care
- Flying 1st class (yay for breakfast!) from DFW to SLC where I would spend the next two nights
- Killing two hours in the SLC airport waiting for Lacy to arrive from Atlanta - great time to catch up on the latest from William & Kate and then Consumer Reports best picks.
- Cafe Rio lunch with Lacy & Linsey in Salt Lake City
- Touring a few of the sites on Temple Square with Lacy
- Hitting up REI in Salt Lake before heading over to enjoy a beautiful evening of chicken enchiladas at Linsey & Kevin's place
- A sweet king sized bed and warm cookies courtesy the Comfort Suites Airport hotel (provided by Skywest).
- A nice morning drive with Brant down to Eagle Mountain to visit Kyle, Amanda, McKayla and have lunch at their new house.  Good to see them!
- A shorter (but still enjoyable) visit with the Wilson side relatives before heading back to Salt Lake
- Dinner with Lacy & Linsey at the Spaghetti Factory at Trolley Square (and the rest of the team who were loading up on carbs in preparation to run the Wasatch Back).
- Enjoying an evening drive around downtown Salt Lake City - taking pictures and not wanting an end to the beautiful evening.
- A too easy car return to Thrifty Car rental at the airport (after how long it took to pick it up I was anticipating something much more complicated)
- A flight back to DFW and getting into the car to a sleeping Savannah in the carseat - Grammy camp was a blast and tuckered her out.
- A traditional stop at the eyebrow threading kiosk at Grapevine Mills mall and then Old Navy and Carter's.
- Visiting, swimming, Outback Steakhouse, and having Brant back with us in Texas.
- A Father's Day spent Texas style with a grilled salmon dinner and watching the last of our 3 game series with the Rangers vs. Braves.
- Watching about 5 episodes of Extreme Couponing
- A healthy dose of stress experienced on trying to nonrev back to Atlanta (we made it though!) and a toddler who would have nothing to do with falling asleep on the plane past her bedtime.  Still, it could have been worse for sure.
- Realizing that there is no easier/ fun way to navigate a toddler through an airport than with our new Go Go Babyz booster (thanks for the extra motivation, Val!).  It wasn't really too hard before, but getting through the airport now with Savannah is as easy as pulling a roller suitcase.  A lot of other passengers in the airport commented on how neat it was too.
- It was great seeing family & friends - and being able to visit for more than just a day or two with Ma & Pa Harrison!


The Caldwell's said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a blast in Utah and Texas!! Wish we were there already...

Linsey said...

You guys had a VERY busy few days! I'm so glad we were included in the agenda. It was great to see you guys!

Rissa Harper said... were in Utah and didn't stop by? Sad day!

CASEY & NICOLE said...

Awe, I'm jelouse! Miss Utah! I'm glad you had a great trip, now we need to hang out!! Miss you!!