Thursday, January 27, 2011

That's a lot of Grandma's!

Savannah has six (count them SIX) grandmas.  
Two grandmas and four great grandmas - all blood relatives and all living. 

All of Savannah's six grandmas have unique qualities about them.  This here below is Great Grandma Harrison, and some of the qualities we like about her are:

- At her age she still does major home improvements.  For example, she completely re-tiled and remodeled her master bathroom.  And she retiled her kitchen counter.  By *herself* with only the help of 'how to' books.

- She can sew like a pro and made Savannah's blessing dress 

- She sure can make us laugh (remember the dialogue in this post?)

-She is beautiful even without makeup (check out the picture below)

And my new favorite (even if you aren't a bachelor watcher, you can still appreciate this):

I received an email from her recently that started off.... 

"Hi Kristen - I saw the picture on your blog with Jake, the bachelor, anyway it looked like Jake."
-She knows things like who the Bachelor is!  How many great grandmas do you know that can recognize people like that?

Thanks for reading our blog, Great Grandma Harrison!

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Nancy said...

A very loved little girl, for sure!