Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our New Fav

If you like The Apprentice (which I loved and even sent in an application video to be on a few years back) then you'll love Shark Tank.

This has become our new favorite entertainment for Sunday evenings. We love to see the ideas that entrepreneurs have come up with and are looking to get off the ground with from the investments from these five 'sharks' (a.k.a self made millionaires)

"Shark Tank depicts negotiations between entrepreneurs and investor 'Sharks.' The Sharks are investing their own money at their discretion. No offer is being made to or solicited from the viewing audience. " -abc

The downside- the show is only an hour long and only comes on once a week!


Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

This is an awesome show! I am totally in to it too!!

Nancy H said...

We like that show too. What did you think of the deal the English teacher made for his music-focused Shakespeare teaching aids? Personally, I thought the deal he turned down was the better deal, but he, obviously, really wanted to work with all of them - not just the one. Maybe,the opportunity to learn business from pros was more important than the money?

B and K said...

hmm...I don't know which would have been the better deal. If the English teacher doesn't have much experience in business, selling, and making decisions, it probably wasn't a bad idea for him to let the professionals sell his product and just sit back and make money from the royalties and build relationships with all 5 instead of 1. BUT if he wanted to jump ship from teaching and become a business man, then the deal he turned down would have been good too...

So fun!