Monday, August 24, 2009

Braves Game and Golf Carts

Friday evening: Brant, along with a couple of my good high school friends Lacy and Amara, headed to the Braves game. I will never get tired of going to Braves games. And the rain even waited until the top of the 9th inning before making an appearance and causing a rain delay. One of the highlights was seeing a man who was there celebrating his 102nd birthday on the jumbo screen. He even did a little dance. Impressive.

Saturday afternoon: another good friend from high school Joyce (and her cute family) hosted a bbq. If your not familiar with Peachtree City, Georgia- then you will love this (and maybe think its a little odd) but- since golfing is big in PTC, all through the city there are also golf cart paths. It's a totally normal thing to drive your golf cart to the grocery store, school, church, work, etc. Some folks have even built mini garages onto their homes specifically for their golf carts. And since Joyce lives in PTC and has a gold cart, she let us give it a spin!

Notice the aviator glasses above here...

Warning: golf cart crossing!

Notice even the cute little stop signs they have at the intersections of the road and a cart path.

Yep, Brant definately liked the golf cart (and me too!)


Linsey said...

I LOVE golf carts!!! They are great to have when you're camping.

Nancy H said...

You guys are so cute! The golf carts look fun, but the couple picture is darling. You should get that framed!!!!