Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Say ... Hot and Humid!

Back in August before we moved from Georgia, the Wilson side of the family was able to accomplish a never before done feat - which was coordinating every member of the extended family's work, school, out of town, and church schedules to take a family portrait.  Nine adults and four kids under the age of four at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon with high humidity, less than ideal lighting, and 30 minutes to work with (remember - this was the only window of time that worked with everyone's schedule).  I give the photographer full props that day.

But we liked how the pictures turned out and with Canvas People offering a free 11x14 canvas right now (you pay the $20 shipping) I'm having a hard time deciding which picture I'll be ordering.  Maybe one of each...?

One of our little family pictures were able to take after the big family photos were shot.  

And I'll give you props  if you can name the Reese Witherspoon movie that has a scene that took place in that Starr's Mill red barn. No guessing from any Georgia folk- I know this is old news :)


Linsey said...

Sweet Home Alabama!!!

Linsey said...

By the way... I also love your family pictures! Despite the factors it sounds like you had working against you, they turned out great! Love the one of just the three of you. :)

Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

Such cute pictures!! I love the barn in the back ground!

Nancy said...

Don't you just love when the planets are in just the right alignment for a great family picture?! Very hard to do, but so worth it!