Friday, May 20, 2011

A Little Backyard Paradise

Doesn't this look nice?  Or more like absolutely amazing?

We thought so.

But since we're a good ways away from any place that would even remotely resemble this picture, we decided to improvise.  Cashing in some credit card rewards points and one Amazon click later, we had this sweet handmade thing on its way to our front doorstep straight from Merida, Mexico (true story - we watched it travel via the DHL tracking).

The delivery guy barely got the package into my hands before Brant took over attaching it to a couple trees in our backyard (maybe we were anxiously listening for the truck to pull up to our house?)  A couple ropes and bungee cords later and we were in business!
We love it!  I picked  the "Matrimonial Size" Hammocks Rada over some more traditional American hammocks so all three of us could climb on and off and fit together to enjoy it without getting flipped over. And even though it may not look like it in this picture, we all can fit comfortably and relax on it.  
A little hammock reading on a nice afternoon!

Thank you Delta Community Credit Union Reward Points!

P.S. Stay tuned next week for an upcoming giveaway 


V said...

That's awesome! (I love that technology is so incredible that you were able to track it.)

Nancy said...

Nice! I just have to comment on the obvious quality of Sav's reading material! :)

Joyce said...

hahaha ur so funny:)

CASEY & NICOLE said...

can't wait to come try that out!!:)

Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

so peaceful!