Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A few of the things

That I've learned over the past 3 weeks:

(1) Pampers newborn diapers with the yellow that turn blue stripe when wet makes life a lot simpler. Especially for first time parents.

(2) Velcro swaddle wraps are the best invention. Ever.

(3) Changing pads are not to protect your baby from the surface you change their diaper on. It's vice versa.

(4) And it's never a smart idea to change a diaper on a bed with freshly washed sheets. Especially without a changing pad. No matter how fast you think you are.

(5) Blow up excercise balls are excellent for sitting on while bouncing an upset baby.

(6) It's a good idea to have more than 1 diaper on hand when leaving home. Even if your already running late and you think you wont be gone for long. Because your always gone longer than you think you will be.

(7) It takes over a half hour longer than you think it will to get ready before leaving home to go somewhere.

(8) It's always a good idea to have a burp cloth close by. Using your bed sheet as a substitute in the middle of the night just constitutes more laundry in the morning.


Val said...

Awww I want to hold her! She is beautiful. I/we totally feel like we have a new niece.
She is so beautiful.

(Cringing for you regarding the diaper change on the bed. Sorry.)

The Caldwell's said...

Oh, she is changing so much already! What a cute baby!! She's such a pretty princess!

I totally agree with everything you've listed. I didn't realized about the pamper's blue line until few weeks after Koe was born...and I can totally relate to changing your baby on your bed...I still do that. Since Koe is a boy, he used to pee on his Daddy's a fountain.

Babies can be so demanding, but they are made so darn cute you want to do anything for them!

Enjoy your time with your new born baby!

Karli said...

she is so gorgeous! I had to laugh at all the things you learned, because they are all so true!

Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

SHE is so beautiful!! AND yes, you are right about all... especially the extra half hour. Sad to say, but the only thing that has changed in the last year is that I don't need a burb cloth any more, but I need plenty of other things in order to get out of the house. Hope all is well!

Andrea - said...

Your post made me laugh out loud. Great advice. Sounds like there are stories behind each one. What a beautiful baby. Just think - soon she will be mobile and into everything and then driving and dating. Maybe one day you'll even look back fondly on these stories with much fondness.

Brian and Janean Lulloff said...

Amen sister! I always leave the house with three diapers just in case!

She is an angel. So beautiful!

Linsey said...

She is SUCH a pretty baby!

Ree-ch said...

Beautiful baby, girls are so cute. Congrats girl, we are excited for you two. I agree on all those points, by the six month I know plan 15 minutes time to be places. You gettin sleep? Did you tear? Epidural? Way to go on the 18 hour labor, I couldn't have done that long. So happy for you guys.

The Strong Family said...

SO adorable!! Congrats!! I love the name Savannah :) I am kinda biased to it but still, beautiful name and beautiful baby!

Joleen said...

She is precious!

David & Karalee Larson said...

Congratulations! She is so beautiful. I'm glad everything went well.

Nancy said...

I love the pics every time I look at them, but when can we look forward to a new blog? :)

Ree-ch said...

cutie, I do the bow thing once in a while, on Sunday, hate when Norah is called a boy just because she is wearing blue. I think you will cave too.