Thursday, December 17, 2009

a babymoon!

We've been wanting to take one last small trip before our baby makes her arrival next month. And since we're in Georgia now, we're got a plethora of new places around to visit aren't too close, but not too far away to travel to. Brant took it upon himself to plan everything and (at least tried) to keep it a secret until one night the other week as we were drifting off to sleep when he casually mentioned "Oh, and we're going to Callaway Gardens (a "13,000 acre Pine Mountain Resort and center of enrichment that offers endless opprtunities for adventure, discovery, and recreation") for our babymoon."

Well, there went that suprise ;)

Last week he had Tuesday and Wednesday off so we made the hour drive down to Callaway Gardens and enjoyed a low key day of:

(1) Visiting The Butterfly Garden

You wouldn't know from looking at this picture, but when this little guy opens his wings, he's got a beautiful blue color inside. Too bad he was more interested in eating the orange than in showing off for the camera.

(2) Strolling through the Virginia Callaway Discovery Center

(3) Watching the outdoor show Birds of Prey

Did you know that owls can't move their eyeballs - hence the reason they can turn their necks at such degrees?

(4) Walking through the Sibley Horticulture Center (Brant was pretty excited here since he recognized a lot of plants that he's been learning about lately with his landscaping research)

(5) And taking a short drive through some of the nature trails (the bikes would have been fun to rent to ride through the trails, but will have to wait until we can latch a baby trailer to back of one)

(6) After checking into the Mountain Creek Inn and enjoying a pizza dinner as the only customers in their lounge, we headed back for the best part - Fantasy in Lights -meaning a sweet hour ride in the Jolly Trolley enjoying all the Christmas lights throughout Callaway Gardens.

A short little outing, and since we went in the middle of the week, everything was super low key and we were happy to avoid the weekend crowds and busier days that are here now with Christmas just around the corner.


Linsey said...

So glad you had fun on your babymoon! That sounds like a really neat place to spend a couple of days exploring.

The Strong Family said...

so fun! a baby moon is such a good idea. wish we would have thought of that :)

Nancy said...

My son, the romantic! Nice!!!