Sunday, November 16, 2008

Farley Family Reunion, Idaho Falls, and Sequence

Friday: It finally came time- the Farley Family Reunion at the Scera starring our downstairs neighbor. A one man show with a dozen different characters definately made us laugh.
Saturday: Brant had an overnight trip to Idaho Falls that left Salt Lake at 1:45pm. Since he was comming back the next morning in time for church, I was able to go with him. It turns out that the wife of the captain on the flight came too, and it was fun to chat with her since we sat next to each other on the flight home. Brant and I enjoyed our walk around the Idaho Falls Temple and got some neat shots of the sunset. Then it was dinner at Chili's and to bed for our early 6:55am departure.

Sunday: Up at 5:30am and to the airport by 6am. A quick 40 minute flight from Idaho Falls back to Salt Lake, a 35 minute drive back down to Orem, then to 9am church. Dinner of Spaghetti (so original) and then playing the game Sequence with the Perkins.

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TJ and Ayumi said...

cool beans! What a fun trip. How was it to be back there??