Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ta Da!!

So remember the other week when I said we had a Ta Da post comming up soon?

Let's just say the word "soon" is a subjective word :)

Anyways, back at the beginning of this year, I had a goal to learn how to play the church hymns by the end of the year. And since I had gotten a Best Buy gift card from KLAS back when I still worked with them, I took it and invested in a sweet Yamaha key board. Except when we were living in an apartment in Utah, we had no where to set it up except on the kitchen table and then box it up and put it up in the closet when I was done.

Now that we live in a house and have room to spread our wings (and our stuff), I've been looking for ways to fill our space. And this sweet idea was perfect for setting up a keyboard.

So, I enlisted Brant's help...

He researched and researched and figured out how to go about it. He bought some wood from Lowe's, took some sandpaper, and got to work.

Brant LOVES his power tool!

After lots of measuring, sanding, drilling, and spraypainting, he had a finished product! So then we went to Craigslist and found exactly what we were looking for - a beat up plain wood piano bench that was up for grabs.

After picking up the bench, more sanding, and more spraypainting....

Ta Da!!

Thanks for the sweet idea, Crafty Nest! For all the wood, materials, and piano bench, this project cost about $65. (You can't even buy just an unfinished sofa table for that price!)

And now, reason number 16 we love being homeowners-

We can take a spare white room in our home like this one:

And again, enlist the help of a handsome husband- this time with painting the wall:

And then enlist the help of our new, very talented friend Christine:

Add a crib, and... Ta Da!

A room for our baby! (none of these photos have been resized - click the photo for details on the mural.)

We still have work left to do on this baby's room (bedding, curtains, and more furniture are still in the works, but some people were getting a little anxious about seeing this post before I got to those parts ;)

By the way, if you live in the Atlanta area and are looking for a mural painter, Christine is terrific and very reasonably priced. I can send her contact info for anyone looking.

Lastly, I found this tree blossom design online, but don't know who it belongs to - if its yours, let me know so I can give you credit and major props on a pretty design!


Abenteuererin said...

i'm so excited for you! that room is gorgeous! you'll have to record yourself playing those hymns, by the way...

Gingyroo said...

Wow! What a talented husband, and what a beautiful nursery!

Suzy said...

I love the baby's room. I love blue for girls (I think the pain color was blue), but its hard to find cute blue, girly stuff. Awesome!

J+S said...

I so love the tree and can't wait to see the finished room. Post lots of pictures!

Julie Barnes said...

AMAZING! I love it!!

Linsey said...

Oh I know you're not talking about me when you say "some" people couldn't wait to see this post... LOL! The piano looks great, and the baby's room looks FABULOUS!!! Just like the picture you showed me! Only a couple more months until you have the baby to put in the cute baby room.

Sherwoods said...

Glad I saw your blog link on Facebook! And that wall is so cute. I love it.


Wendy said...

Hey Kristen--I'm blog stalking you and just had to tell you what a cute nursery and mural you have set up. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I love the tutorial I wish their was a tutorial for one like this would be perfect for a simple sewing room table